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The modern enterprise faces the critical issue of the increasing growth and complexity of data. With stricter privacy regulations on the horizon, enterprise leaders must stay ahead of the curve and strike the balance in getting the most value from their data whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

Join our monthly webinars to hear industry veterans and data experts discuss how Smart Data Discovery, Data Catalogs and other emerging technologies will be key to helping organizations tackle the challenge of data complexity.

About our host

Steve Friedberg, Consultant, Io-Tahoe
Steve is a veteran corporate communications consultant and strategist who has worked on behalf of companies worldwide for more than a generation. He’s worked with multi-billion dollar publicly traded firms and privately held start-ups in the fields such as data analytics, data centers, information security, business continuity and more.


He is also the recipient of three Emmy awards for his work as a television news reporter.

February 26, 2019
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST

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January 22, 2019


Big Data: How to Get Corporate Directors to Love It


“We are in a new era of big data – and company directors are finding it hard to adapt,” Merendino says. “Directors struggle to introduce changes within the shortened timescales created by an ever-changing backdrop of new data and they are under pressure to adapt the way strategic decisions are made.” In this webinar, Dr. Merendino addressed these critical issues and more.


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December 11, 2018


Deconstructing Data Complexity and the Case for AI-Driven Smart Data Discovery


It is undeniable that the amount and complexity of data is growing within the modern enterprise. But why and what to do about it is the question that every enterprise leader must now face.


In this insightful and thought-provoking webinar, we will deconstruct what is fueling data growth and increased data complexity, the approaches organizations have used to deal with the challenges that this growth brings, and why the only hope for dealing with it in the future may be smart data discovery approaches powered by artificial intelligence (AI).


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November 29, 2018


Data Privacy, AI and what you need to know about Enterprise Data Catalogs


In a GDPR-driven world, your customers are increasingly insistent about their right to control the information you have about them. Increasingly, governments globally are echoing that sentiment and instituting new regulations that control what data you may keep about your customers, what you can do with it, and their right to demand that you get rid of it.


In this joint webinar, EDM Council and Io-Tahoe addressed these data issues, especially:


  • The business impact of data privacy regulations
  • The importance of understanding where and what data resides in the organization to derive valuable business insights in a timely manner
  • Why enterprises need semantic data catalogs, powered by AI and machine learning (ML)


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October 16, 2018


AI, ML and Smart Data Discovery; Getting Developers the Information and Capabilities They Need to Succeed


Developers are under greater pressure than ever before to make the most of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), as they attempt to help their companies make the most from the never-ending, continuously growing tsunami of data.


At the same time, they are being challenged to take a more strategic role at their firms and are pushed to discover new and improved ways of utilizing data to gain greater insights. All this, while facing increasingly gating factors, such as the EU’s GDPR, on the kinds of data that can be collected.


In this Webinar you will learn:


  • How to prepare for what’s coming in the next 36 months.
  • Real-world uses of AI and ML, and where is it headed from a developer’s perspective.
  • About “smart data discovery,” and how it can help better manage the tsunami of data.
  • How to encourage your companies to take advantage of smart data discovery.
  • The role a data catalog does and should play in the developers’ world.
  • How developers can play a more strategic role within the business and how many are actually doing it.


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August 21, 2018


The Pendulum on the Move: Privacy Regulations after GDPR, and the Need for AI-driven Solutions


The implementation of GDPR had people worldwide paying far more attention to privacy issues than ever before. But even as GDPR has become a de facto global standard, the push towards greater consumer privacy has not stopped there. With additional regulations, such as Britain’s updated Data Protection Act, California’s new Consumer Privacy Act, and the forthcoming ePR initiative in the European Union, the pendulum will continue its course away from the “no privacy on the Internet” attitude of the 1990s.


In this Io-Tahoe webinar, noted editor, journalist, and technology gadfly, Evan Schuman, will weigh in on these topics and more, including:


  • Why many approaches to online privacy are not viable and won’t work
  • Why California companies may already be doing more than the law requires (without even knowing it)
  • Why artificial intelligence/machine learning must be part of your compliance strategy


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July 31, 2018


Combining the Power of Data Catalogs and Artificial Intelligence


Machine learning is garnering an incredible amount of attention, but there is still confusion among many about how it can be put to significant use in enterprises, today and with an eye toward the future. This, coupled with a growing awareness of the importance of data cataloging, represents an incredible opportunity for companies that can implement them effectively and understand their potential.


In this webinar recording, viewers will join host Steve Friedberg and special guest Neil Raden, founder and principal analyst at Hired Brains Research, and discover:


  • Why embedded machine learning technology is essential to tackle the job of managing data discovery by mapping relationships in the disparate data not evident in manual processes
  • Why the data discovery process is dynamic, not a one-time ETL-type mapping to a stable schema
  • What real metadata is: it’s not neatly arranged in one location, but active throughout the whole process from discovery to an active, semantically rich data catalog
  • The increasing importance of being able to analyze all available data, not just a sample or the metadata


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July 3, 2018


Operationalized AI and machine learning: challenges and possible solutions


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination of many organizations, from small startups to vast Enterprise corporations.  But doing AI successfully, and in a consistent fashion, can be an elusive goal, a fact which limits productivity, project success and mainstream adoption.


In this Io-Tahoe Webinar, you will join consulting veteran and an accomplished data scientist Ciprian Jichici, General Manager at Genisoft. Attendees will learn:


  • The challenges to making data science efforts conform to software development best practices
  • How repeatability and operationalization of machine learning and AI is made difficult by fragmentation in the data science technology landscape and yet is still critical to success
  • About new projects in the machine learning world that are making data science more procedural and repeatable, and better-integrated with data engineering and analytics
  • How software applications with embedded AI offer an on-ramp to the technology, without the operational burdens


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June 19, 2018


Data catalogs: mere registries or data management dynamos?


In this age of data complexity and regulatory strictness, many companies realize they need to be inventorying, mapping and cataloging their data.  On the cataloging front, there’s no shortage of vendors and solutions aimed at meeting the need. That includes the Enterprise mega-vendors, specialty data management contenders and pure play data catalog providers alike.


Tune into the Io-Tahoe Webinar with Joseph D’Antoni, Principal Consultant at Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, to learn about data catalog capabilities and workloads, today and into the future.


In this Webinar you’ll gain insight into whether data catalogs should:


  • Simply be a searchable collection of descriptions for each of your databases, tables and data sets
  • Go down to the column level and enforce business rules
  • Have its content provided by data stewards, crowdsourced to business users or partially automated


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June 5, 2018


The Tip of the Iceberg: Data Privacy, Data Discovery, Machine Learning and more


In an era of enhanced privacy enforcement, where GDPR may be merely the tip of the iceberg, how are companies expected to act? They have access to more data than ever before, residing in more places than ever before, but are now required to enforce strict rules on how that data may be used…or whether it may be used at all.


The challenge for companies, then, lies in how they will gain total control over all that data, regardless of where it resides and in which forms.


Tune into the Io-Tahoe webinar with Pam Baker, noted author of the widely acclaimed “Data Divination: Big Data Strategies and freelance journalist, to explore the world beyond GDPR.


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May 8, 2018


GDPR, data discovery and machine learning: you won’t believe what happens next!


In this webinar, attendees will join John L. Myers, Managing Research Director at Enterprise Management Associates, and learn:

• How GDPR will further prepare organizations for data-driven strategies in the future
• The main challenges that traditional best practices pose to strategic data management
• How automated techniques allow existing data management teams to scale
• The value of AI/ML techniques to take data management to the “next level”


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April 10, 2018


The state of the analytics union, with an industry expert


Attendees of this Webinar will learn from industry veteran Bob Baker, Senior Director at SAP Ariba, about:

• Where customer sentiment lies, regarding the public cloud, Big Data vendors and Enterprise incumbents
• Where AI is – and is not – gaining traction
• How data lakes, traditional BI and data warehouse technologies can achieve synergy, and where they remain isolated


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March 27, 2018


Big Data and AI – does one serve the other?


In this exciting webinar, guest Pranav Rastogi, Product Specialist for Big Data at Microsoft, helps shed light on the role of Big Data in today’s market. He and host Andrew Brust discuss the use of analytics platforms to ready data for training predictive machine learning models, rather than merely for query and analytics workloads.


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March 13, 2018


Making AI production-ready


In this webinar, guest Andy Cross, COO and co-owner of London-based cloud data consultancy Elastacloud, will discuss how ready AI is for Enterprise prime time and what additional steps the industry needs to get it the rest of the way.


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February 27, 2018


Machine learning & data discovery: You can’t analyze what you can’t find


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February 13, 2018


GDPR: How European companies have moved towards compliance


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January 30, 2018


Bridging the database-data lake gap


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January 16, 2018


Data maturity: evaluate it, achieve it and evolve it


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