BI and Big Data: Separate Worlds or Good Neighbors?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data are each technologies designed to help users get insights from their data. But the two approaches are from different eras and have different technological underpinnings. Although numerous integrations exist between the two, their unique pedigrees have resulted in separate vendor ecosystems, varied cloud services, distinct skill sets and even a bifurcation among users. But there needn’t be a “great divide” between BI and Big Data. A continuum can be achieved, between communities, technologies, project implementations and, perhaps most important, the respective data repositories and pipelines.


Join our guests Angel Abundez, VP of Solutions Architecture and Mark Kidwell, CTO, from DesignMind, a San Francisco consultancy specializing in hardcore BI and Big Data implementations, for their views on this crucial subject. This special Io-Tahoe webinar will be moderated by Andrew Brust, Io-Tahoe’s Market Strategy Advisor, ZDNet Big Data Blogger and Founder/CEO of Blue Badge Insights.

About our speakers

Andrew BrustOur host is Andrew Brust, Io-Tahoe’s Market Strategy Advisor and CEO of Blue Badge Insights

Angel Abundez helps to design and build world class data-related systems

Mark Kidwell is a software engineering leader with experience building, deploying and operating large-scale distributed data processing systems

Tuesday November 28, 2017

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST.

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