Understanding the data lake

Avoid the ‘data swamp’


Make your data lake more efficient and effective

Many companies invest significant time and money in data lakes to obtain insights using data analytics programmes to help them become data driven businesses.


The problem: it can be difficult to keep the information within the lake organized, so before long the data lake becomes a ‘data swamp’; and the insights needed for critical business decisions are inaccessible.

Io-Tahoe helps maximize your data investment and maintains operability of your data lake by keeping up with constant changes in data sources through adaptability in data ingestion; and automating tasks to ensure you are able to re-discover the origin and data relationships that already exist in your lake. This provides confidence in your data and certainty that the business insights are always accurate.

Data discovery


Don’t let valuable data go to waste

With Io-Tahoe

  • Operationalize your data lake effectively and efficiently using the innovative approach of our solution.
  • Identify data dependencies with 90 percent accuracy with our automated relationship discovery capability.
  • Tag data elements to quickly query and find exactly the type of data you need.
  • Consolidate reporting so you understand more about the data stored within your lake.

Tuesday: Io-Tahoe webinar

Io-Tahoe is putting businesses on the path to monetizing their data. Join us and an industry leading expert to learn how to get better business value out of your data through effective management and governance.