Transform Testing with ROKITT

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Companies spend a significant amount of their time and money on testing, test environments, and test data yet most still don’t meet their quality and performance objectives. Traditional approaches to internal or outsourced test automation have brought projects to a grinding halt and are a primary cause for missing business objectives.



At ROKITT we have set out to change all of that. Whether your goal is to improve efficiency of a traditional QA organization or to transform both development and testing by embracing Continuous Integration, ROKITT has the products and solutions you need.

ROKITT Test Transformation is based on practical experience from transforming testing in organizations of all sizes. We provide customers with a transformative, end-to-end test solution including test scripts, test data, and environment automation. Our focus on transformation is a key differentiator. We help you transform, train, and then we exit. This removes potential conflicts of interest and allows us to drive automation aggressively.

Our test data automation product provides:

  • Graphical & intuitive mechanism to display the tables and the relationships
  • Real-time data retrieval made easy from test environments
  • Synthetic data creation
  • Subset data for testing purposes.
  • Quick & comprehensive Masking capability


Our test automation framework product provides:

  • Non-Technical users can create automated test scripts
  • Create test cases only once in English-like language and execute automated scripts on tool of choice
  • Ability to execute legacy scripts while creating new ones using ROKITT’s transformative approach. Industry leading tools supported
  • Consolidated dashboard across automation tools
  • Data driven testing made easy with seamless integration with ROKITT Astra


We are looking forward to discuss test transformation, continuous integration, and DevOps with you at STARCANADA in booth 8 on June 24 – 25 and participate in the raffle for a Kindle Fire on Wednesday evening.