Use smart data discovery to drive results from your business

A better understanding of corporate data stands to benefit any number of people across your company.

Io-Tahoe enables teams to use insights from data to achieve more through automated data discovery, rich data visualization and effective data management.

  • Chief data officers can build a stronger foundation for regulatory compliance.
  • Chief protection officers can ensure the protection of personal information and compliance with all regulations.
  • IT teams can build and maintain smarter, more efficient IT operations. Product managers can create impactful service offerings.
  • Developers can build better applications.
  • Marketers can create data-fueled, revenue-driving campaigns.

Io-Tahoe helps enterprises find the data they need

Io-Tahoe can help enterprises with large numbers of customers and diverse data sets,
including businesses in these industries:

What Io-Tahoe can do for you

The Io-Tahoe team has years of direct experience designing innovative software in response to real-life data challenges. As a result, our solution is built to help every business and IT user across the organization leverage data to meet their unique business objectives.


When CCPA comes into effect in 2020, your enterprise needs to know what data they have and where it is located. Get ready with Io-Tahoe’s smart data discovery and sensitive data detection. Your organization needs a data regulation compliance strategy now!

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Data Governance

Govern your data, no matter where it is. Better understand, protect and maximize new and existing data.

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GDPR compliance

Data privacy is a top-of-mind issue for enterprises executives; the pressure is on to analyse corporate data – the challenge is being able to locate all the sensitive data that needs to be protected. Io-Tahoe provides a solution by automatically discovering sensitive data, including, but not limited to PII.

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Metadata Management

All businesses need effective metadata management, they need to understand their data. Make informed business decisions to win in the analytics age with automated metadata management.

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Create clarity in any IT migration and detangle the maze of data interdependencies so you can identify migration risks, carefully plan your switch, and achieve the full benefits of replatforming.

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Smart Streaming Discovery

Move towards continuous data governance with an automated, AI-driven approach for real-time discovery of PII and sensitive data in motion. The ability to discover PII and other sensitive data in motion will provide a proactive approach to risk management and increase overall regulatory compliance.

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Understanding the Data Lake

An automated and repeatable way to identify the complex data relationships within your data lake, so that you can achieve full value from unstructured data assets.

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