Accelerate the IT replatforming process


Enable a business impact from data discovery

IT migration can be complex. Migrating from one IT platform to another across an entire enterprise takes expertise, resource and significant financial and time commitment.


In fact, depending on the scale, it can take months or years to manually analyze the impact of replatforming, and that would only ever include a fraction of your data assets, not the full set. All of that needs to take place before you can start actually implementing changes, which could then itself take years.

Io-Tahoe simplifies replatforming by detangling the maze of data interdependencies so you can identify migration risks, carefully plan your switch and achieve the full benefits of successful replatforming.


How: Io-Tahoe accelerates IT migrations by automating data discovery.


You can audit all of your data assets in weeks, not years, which allows internal subject matter experts and external migration consultants to conduct impact analysis sooner and economically. Your team will be able to fully understand replatforming risks and carefully consider an appropriate migration implementation schedule.

Automation keeps migrations on-time and on-budget


Gain value from migrations, faster

With Io-Tahoe

  • Decrease the time, labor and financial investment required in the discovery process, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Enable a business impact from data discovery, providing the foundation you need to improve compliance and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Case Study

Smart data discovery helps financial services firm streamline data relationships for greater value

Having been in operation for over 40 years, a leading global financial services firm had accrued a significant repository of internal data assets, stored across servers that live on the Sybase platform and an array of data centers. The firm explored several options to support a new migration project, aimed at consolidating their data centers and shifting platforms from Sybase to Oracle. Io-Tahoe’s smart data discovery solution reduced the time required to complete this migration, providing speed, convenience and accuracy, while also uncovering ‘hidden’ or undocumented data elements.