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ico-date May 15, 2017

JERSEY CITY, NJ – ROKITT ASTRA has been named a finalist within Citi’s “Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge” (T4I), an initiative designed to “encourage technology innovators from around the world to create cutting-edge solutions to promote integrity, accountability and transparency in the public sector and beyond”. ROKITT ASTRA is a smart data discovery product that enables companies to discover meaningful information about their data and data relationships through a unique set of machine learning algorithms.

“The initiative, led by Citi in collaboration with public and private sector allies, will provide public sector entities with access to tech innovators and their ideas on how to increase transparency and efficiency. T4I [Tech for Integrity] will also provide the support and infrastructure that tech innovators need to tailor new technology solutions for this market,” Citi said in a press release.

The month-long accelerator includes virtual mentoring, infrastructure support and a curriculum to help ROKITT ASTRA’s growth to meet the program’s goals of advancing integrity, transparency, and accountability in the public sector.

ROKITT ASTRA helps to meet the GDPR data discovery and data management requirements, including how to manage personal data in more difficult legacy and undocumented systems.

ROKITT ASTRA is honored to be among the excellent group of tech innovators chosen to participate in the program.


ROKITT ASTRA automatically discovers and self-learns data relationships with up to 90%+ accuracy to help organizations to quickly and accurately baseline the enterprise data landscape. ROKITT ASTRA utilizes machine learning to uncover hidden data relationships while providing a powerful visualization technology to empower organizations to understand and leverage data across several areas of the business. Additional information is available at

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