November 8, 2017 Press Release

Io-Tahoe unveils new sensitive data discovery solution to enable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Machine learning-based solution robustly supports GDPR requirements with unique sensitive data discovery and data cataloging capabilities

NEW YORK, USA and LONDON, UK, 8 November 2017Io-Tahoe LLC, a pioneer in machine learning-driven smart data discovery solutions that span data lakes and relational databases, today unveiled a new offering to enable customers to quickly and comprehensively address requirements for the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Facets of the GDPR addressed by the new solution include Article 9 (Processing of Special Categories of Personal Data) and Article 17 (Right to Erasure/Right to be Forgotten). The latest offering of Io-Tahoe’s machine learning-based solution robustly supports these requirements with its unique sensitive data discovery and data cataloging capabilities.

“The burdens the GDPR places on companies are significant,” said Oksana Sokolovsky, CEO, Io-Tahoe. “However, the burden can be lessened if executives act now to implement the appropriate strategies to reach compliance. Currently, Io-Tahoe is enabling clients to discover sensitive data across the enterprise so that they can begin remediation. Manual approaches to finding such data are inadequate, dangerous and will leave companies unacceptably exposed. Automated discovery of these data relationships across heterogeneous technologies within the enterprise is critical to documenting, understanding and managing data and, ultimately, to protecting it.”

Irrespective of whether sensitive personal data is stored in conventional relational database management systems or data lake platforms, Io-Tahoe’s GDPR offering enables companies to auto-discover the location, movement and flow of sensitive data throughout their organization.

Compliance with GDPR applies to all companies that conduct business with EU residents, whether they have a physical presence in the EU or are located outside Europe, but market to EU residents. As companies take the necessary steps to govern and protect their data, the guidance below will help to support compliance efforts:

  • Discover and catalog all personal data in your organization, including hidden and undocumented data, whether it resides in enterprise systems or data lakes, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Build a more secure data environment to ensure protection of enterprise data.
  • Monitor personal data for any breaches or non-compliance.
  • Implement the tools and resources needed to meet the GDPR reporting and assessment requirements for the country Supervisory Authority and other regulators.
  • Enable purging or disposal of data upon authorized request.

Io-Tahoe’s integrated enterprise solution encompasses relationship discovery, sensitive data discovery, data flow, impact analysis and data redundancy, all detected via patent-pending machine learning technology. Io-Tahoe helps organizations automatically discover more information about their data and data relationships, in conformance with Article 9 and Article 17 of the GDPR.

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Io-Tahoe is a smart data discovery product which enables organizations to discover data in lakes and relational data instances, helping enterprises trace data elements across their systems in spite of outdated metadata definitions. The product utilizes machine learning algorithms to dramatically increase the accuracy, intelligence and speed of learning of complex data elements and data relationships throughout the entire business environment. Our product has been custom-built by a team with a deep understanding of data challenges, giving us first-hand insight and appreciation into our customers’ diverse and complex data needs. Our solutions are particularly valuable to businesses with large numbers of customers and diverse data sets, such as those in the financial services, utilities, retail, transportation, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing industries.  For further information, please visit:

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