September 24, 2019 Press Release

Io-Tahoe releases enhanced Smart Data Discovery solution with new de-duplication capability; enables creation of a single customer record

Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog solution automatically discovers duplicate data records

Strata Data Conference, New York, September 24, 2019 – Io-Tahoe, a pioneer in Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog products, in its efforts to continue to transform the data discovery market, today announced it has released the latest version of its Smart Data Discovery platform, with added duplicate discovery capabilities, leveraging patent pending artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Io-Tahoe’s advanced technology and machine learning algorithms which drive the platform, now help companies automatically discover and identify data duplicates across datasets.

Io-Tahoe is making today’s announcement at the Strata Data Conference, where it will showcase its newly enhanced product at booth #1221.

“The capability we are announcing is a significant enhancement to our Smart Data Discovery platform,” said Rohit Mahajan, Io-Tahoe’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer. “Organizations have multiple systems, many of which, will contain copies of the same or similar documents, files and even numerous records of data that could be associated with one single customer. With Io-Tahoe’s duplicate discovery, organizations are now able to discover and identify data duplicates. The findings of this discovery enable the organization to ultimately achieve a single unique instance of a data record when there were previously two or more similar records.”

“In recent 2019 EMA research, 75% of respondents indicated the importance of using machine learning algorithms to profile data,” said John Santaferraro, research director at EMA. “Automation for de-duplication and other data profiling activities remain a top priority for organizations serious about digital transformation. Vendors that continue to expand their use of artificial intelligence in data management will continue to advance their leadership positions in this market.”

Leveraging Io-Tahoe’s advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will allow users to automatically discover and identify data duplicates across multiple data sources, based on the relationships between various records, attributes and clusters. Through the combination of human and machine intelligence, Io-Tahoe users are able to achieve the optimal de-duplication outcome. Additionally, Io-Tahoe’s duplicate discovery also provides continuous re-learning capability that becomes smarter on subsequent re-runs.

Identifying and removing duplicate entries belonging to one customer will help business functions, such as marketing, create a single unified record of each customer, thereby improving targeted or personalized campaign outreach. Furthermore, understanding the data relationships between individuals can help garner useful and accurate insights, such as groupings by household and support ongoing maintenance of customer profiles.

Additionally, organizations invest in data de-duplication capabilities to help enhance operations and efficiencies by improving backup and restore performance, as well as reducing storage capacity needs and costs; by eliminating redundant data. In any organization across multiple industries, data records can be duplicated, particularly when there is a dependency on manual processes for data management of customer database records or following mergers and acquisitions. The ability to use automation with Io-Tahoe’s duplicate discovery, to achieve a single unique data record, will positively impact all aspects of business operations, ultimately helping to boost revenues.

The latest version of Io-Tahoe’s Smart Data Discovery platform with duplicate discovery capability is available now. For more information, visit:

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About Io-TahoeIo-Tahoe ( is a pioneer in Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog products. In its efforts to continue to transform the data discovery market, the platform enables organizations to discover and search data across a wide range of heterogeneous technology platforms from traditional databases, data warehouses and data lakes to the cloud and other modern repositories, helping enterprises trace data elements across their systems in spite of outdated metadata definitions. Io-Tahoe utilizes machine learning algorithms to dramatically increase the accuracy, intelligence and speed of learning of complex data elements and data relationships throughout the entire business environment. Our platform saves time by processing many data sources in weeks, instead of manual discovery and cataloging for months.

Our product has been custom-built by a team with a deep understanding of data challenges, giving us first-hand insight and appreciation into our customers’ diverse and complex data needs. Io-Tahoe is particularly valuable to businesses with large numbers of customers and diverse data sets, such as those in the financial services, utilities, retail, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

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