May 22, 2018 Press Release

Io-Tahoe Asks Strata London Attendees to Regard GDPR As Opportunity to Create Transparency and Trust with Customers

Machine-learning based data discovery: a key element in helping firms comply with the new regulation

LONDON and NEW YORK, May 22, 2018 – While many attendees at this week’s Strata conference in London may be scurrying to deploy last-second compliance measures with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), one exhibitor will ask them to look at GDPR as a “silver lining,” and embrace it as a way of gaining potential competitive advantage.

Io-Tahoe LLC, a pioneer in machine learning-driven smart data discovery, will showcase its platform which features a unique algorithmic approach to auto-discover rich information about data and data relationships. The company will also distribute copies of its “Eight Mandates for GDPR Compliance and the Dividends Beyond” e-book at its Strata booth (#503).

“Too many firms see GDPR as penalizing them. By contrast, we see GDPR as an opportunity that can pay dividends to those firms around the world that actively embrace its goals,” said Oksana Sokolovsky, Interim CEO & Co-Founder – COO, Io-Tahoe. “Discovering where data resides throughout the enterprise to gain the full picture is a key element in GDPR compliance. Employing machine learning to catalog that data, regardless of where it is, can make what’s been a tedious, onerous task far easier to complete.  This is what we’ll be sharing with Strata attendees.”

GDPR’s regulations are set to take effect on May 25, one day after the conclusion of the Strata conference.  Estimates of implementation costs run as high as $7.8 billion at Fortune 500 companies, according to Bloomberg News1. Groups such as the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) say “the changes needed for GDPR compliance can turn into real competitive differentiators for organizations moving forward,” in areas such as security and data indexing2.  Io-Tahoe’s e-book notes that “being ethical with customer data and transparent in how it’s handled are confidence-building measures that enhance customer satisfaction immensely.”

In addition to obtaining a copy of the e-book, visitors to the Io-Tahoe booth will be able to view demonstrations of the company’s newly-launched Data Catalog feature, which allows data owners and data stewards to utilize a machine learning-based smart catalog to create, maintain and search business rules; define policies and provide governance workflow functionality. Io-Tahoe’s data discovery capability provides complete business rule management and enrichment. It enables a business user to govern the rules and define policies for critical data elements. It allows data-driven enterprises to enhance information about data automatically, regardless of the underlying technology and build a data catalog.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to see Io-Tahoe’s smart data discovery platform, recently recognized by John Myers, Managing Research Director of Analytics at industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), for “innovation in and application of machine learning for data management practices.” The platform features a unique algorithmic approach to auto-discover rich information about data and data relationships. Its machine learning technology looks beyond metadata, at the data itself for greater insight and visibility into complex data sets, across the enterprise. Built to scale for even the largest of enterprises, Io-Tahoe makes data available to everyone in the organization, untangling the complex maze of data relationships and enabling applications such as data science, data analytics, data governance and data management.

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About Io-TahoeIo-Tahoe ( is a pioneer in machine learning-driven smart data discovery products that enable organizations to discover data across a wide range of heterogeneous technology platforms, from traditional databases and data warehouses to data lakes and other modern repositories, helping enterprises trace data elements across their systems in spite of outdated metadata definitions. The product utilizes machine learning algorithms to dramatically increase the accuracy, intelligence and speed of learning of complex data elements and data relationships throughout the entire business environment. Our product has been custom-built by a team with a deep understanding of data challenges, giving us first-hand insight and appreciation into our customers’ diverse and complex data needs. Our product is particularly valuable to businesses with large numbers of customers and diverse data sets, such as those in the financial services, utilities, retail, transportation, insurance, healthcare and manufacturing industries.


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