May 3, 2017 Press Release


JERSEY CITY, NJ – ROKITT ASTRA is pleased to announce our recent acquisition by Io-Tahoe LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Centrica plc. Io-Tahoe is a big data management solution company with expertise in data science, analytics and systems architecture. ROKITT ASTRA is a smart data discovery product that enables companies to discover meaningful information about their data and data relationships through a unique set of machine learning algorithms 

The acquisition is a significant milestone in building ROKITT’s technological capability. By combining the strengths of Io-Tahoe’s existing data science expertise with our data discovery software solution, ROKITT ASTRA, will be able to deliver unmatched new products and services to our customers. 

The ROKITT ASTRA technology, recently recognized by leading Gartner analysts as a Cool Vendor for Data Management 2017, offers leading data management capabilities, and is now augmented with the Io-Tahoe® suite of smart solutions, which include Data Tap, Fingerprinting and Concierge. Io-Tahoe LLC will leverage Centrica’s in-house data management capabilities and will benefit from the substantial expertise in the area of data discovery offered by ROKITT’s employees across the US, India and the Ukraine, where operations will continue.

We are truly excited about the opportunity we have to continue to grow our business and the new achievements on the horizon through the combination of ROKITT ASTRA and Io-Tahoe.


ROKITT ASTRA automatically discovers and self-learns data relationships with up to 90%+ accuracy to help organizations to quickly and accurately baseline the enterprise data landscape. ROKITT ASTRA utilizes machine learning to uncover hidden data relationships while providing a powerful visualization technology to empower organizations to understand and leverage data across several areas of the business. Additional information is available at