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About the Io-Tahoe Insights Partner Network

Many companies don’t understand 10%, 20% or sometimes up to 50% of their Corporate Data, often because of siloed, legacy or acquired systems. What it is, Where it is, How and When its accessed, by what application via which Source. Whether its in a Data Centre, Data Late or Data Warehouse. Most companies are either starting or in the process of better understanding their data to help with cloud migration, data analytics and data privacy compliance.

How do they start completely understanding their data across all the disparate and difficult systems within their enterprise? It’s often extremely difficult, costly and time consuming to do this without the aid of AI/ML-based automated solutions.

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Io-Tahoe is a leading provider of AI/ ML Driven Data Discovery, Data Governance, Data Privacy & Data Analytics Solutions

We work closely with Partners to provide best-of-breed products relied on by leading companies like GE, Zurich Insurance, Comcast and British Gas to help differentiate you from the competition, extend your solution capabilities, provide ongoing financial incentives, and help grow your business.

Io-Tahoe works across most Structured, Semi Structured, Unstructured data and data lakes as well as being scalable to Multi-PB repositories and thousands of data sources through the following modules:

  • Data

  • Relationship

  • Data

  • Sensitive Data

  • Redundant
    Data Analysis

  • Impact

  • Data

With Io-Tahoe you will be able to increase your revenues and margins and further differentiate yourself as a trusted partner. Through providing Clients with the data understanding and comprehensive Insights to ensure Completeness and Compliance of their data as you support and implement their successful digital transformation.

All because you are able to show your customer what data
they have and where it is.

About Insights – The Io-Tahoe Partner Program

Io-Tahoe partners with industry-leading resellers, consultants and technology providers to participate in the multi-billion-dollar data discovery market. We offer partners significant opportunities to grow their revenues, provide value-added solutions and elevate customer engagement.

We seek partners that are eager to help their enterprise customers better understand their data by leveraging our AI/ML machine algorithms and methods to automate the data discovery process. Together, we can help drive industry innovation to solve complex data challenges, including data governance, cloud migration, regulatory compliance (GDPR, CCPA), and support ongoing digital transformation efforts.

Why join Insights?

Insights will help provide you with the right information, training and support you need to be successful, including:

Account Management & Sales Support

Dedicated support from experienced account managers, combined with comprehensive sales and marketing collateral, co-branding opportunities and lead sharing.

Product Training

In-depth training to help you feel confident representing Io-Tahoe and delivering an exceptional customer experience around data discovery.

Partner Portal

A dedicated partner portal to enable deal registration, opportunity and pipeline updates as well as access to sales collateral or product information.

Implementation Support

Utilize our technical expertise to maximize your ability to incorporate Io-Tahoe into your service offerings as well as have our technical team support you on platform integration with clients.

Go-to-Market Support

Io- Tahoe will invest Market Development Funding in the partnership to develop and grow your Io-Tahoe based pipeline including innovative joint marketing programs and lead generation campaign.

On-going Revenue Streams

Receive high level on-going revenue stream based on deal closure.

Data Automation to enhance your project delivery

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