Metadata Management

Make informed business decisions

Win in the analytics age with automated metadata management

Accurate metadata is paramount to understanding data. Bad metadata makes it harder to gather and share information. With so many employees accessing your databases, there is no guarantee of the consistency with which information is described or stored. Therefore, it is essential that high-quality metadata is collected and continuously monitored for changes. Manual discovery methods require incessant, time-consuming, and laborious aggregation with little to no assurances that the data you get contains the answers you need. Our product assures automatic, high-quality metadata discovery with continuous monitoring and alerting for better metadata management.

With Io-Tahoe

  • Automatically reads the data in your repositories, learns its true metadata, and displays the results.
  • Discovers previously unknown and inconspicuous relationships between data columns.
  • Allows for company specific requirements to augment our machine learning with user aided confirmation, denials, and policy definitions.
  • Provides continuous monitoring and alerting of changes to metadata.

Tuesday: Io-Tahoe webinar

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