Use your data to unlock new opportunities

Discover connections and track data flow to surface valuable cross-selling insights

Your organizational data could be a goldmine of revenue-driving insights. Cross-selling is a trusted strategy to draw value from existing customers, but, it’s difficult to discover sales opportunities when your customer data is locked up in disparate, unconnected databases or data lakes throughout the enterprise. Identifying and discovering these data relationships could take weeks or even months.


Io-Tahoe breaks down the siloes between different databases with a smart data discovery solution that can parse large volumes of data in minutes, expediting the time it takes to surface valuable insights. We help you find the quality data that leads to legitimate sales opportunities, empowering you to reach customers with compelling offers.

With Io-Tahoe

  • Discover connections between databases and within data lakes, to quickly identify the customers buying behaviors.
  • Track data flow, so you can see how data related to key customers, changes as it moves throughout the enterprise.
  • Identify and consolidate redundant data, making the discovery of cross-sell opportunities more efficient.

Tuesday: Io-Tahoe webinar

Io-Tahoe is putting businesses on the path to monetizing their data. Join us and an industry leading expert to learn how to get better business value out of your data through effective management and governance.