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When it comes into effect on 1 January 2020, under the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), citizens of California have the right to know what categories of personal information a business has collected about them and their children, as well as whether and to whom this personal information has been sold or disclosed. To comply with these regulations and others sure to come in the future, your business needs automated smart data discovery and an AI-driven data catalog, with full relationship mapping, data flow discovery, redundant data detection and, most importantly, sensitive data detection. Your organization needs a data regulation compliance strategy now, which has to include an automated solution for detection of sensitive data.

The enterprise needs to know what data they have, where it is located and why they have it – if not, the required policies and controls to protect the data cannot be put in place1. The first challenge is to identify the data and where it resides. Smart data discovery products, like Io-Tahoe help enterprises overcome this challenge by identifying the location of sensitive data.

What makes Io-Tahoe different?

Io-Tahoe is an enterprise smart data discovery and AI-driven catalog product. Io-Tahoe provides the only solution that leverages AI to look at the data themselves to automatically discover sensitive data, including, but not limited to PII covered by CCPA. It uses artificial intelligence to scale efforts and reduce your growing data governance burdens to a set of manageable, navigable tasks.

The PII of it all

Personal data, including name, mailing address, social security number, email address and even IP address must be protected; but organizations must also safeguard data in much more diverse categories such as: commercial information; biometric data, geo-location data, psychometric information, and professional or employment-related information.

Knowing where all data in these (and additional) categories are located and ensuring the data is protected can be complex and difficult, even for the most data-savvy organization. With so many sources of data in the enterprise, from operational databases and data warehouses, to BI systems and data lakes, and even data shared with your organization by business partners, ensuring compliance is no trivial matter.

Io-Tahoe can help your organization

  • Get on the road to compliance immediately, using out-of-the-box sensitive data policies. Quickly add your own policies to cover all sensitive data in the context of your industry and business.
  • Get your data catalog fully built, and fast, with multi-faceted AI. Stay up-to-date with versatile Impact Analysis.
  • Catalog and govern data in any data lake, whether it be in Hadoop, Spark or cloud storage, in neat Hive tables, or in unwieldy flat files, using formats ranging from delimited text to Apache Parquet.
  • Govern data from almost any enterprise relational database system, automatically discovering hidden or unknown relationships from database schema and constraints, using Io-Tahoe’s smart data discovery.


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