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Transforming your business through data

To draw value from data, you first need to find the data.

Io-Tahoe LLC is a provider of smart data discovery solutions.

We simplify data discovery, enabling enterprises to find and make sense of structured, unstructured and hidden data with ease, throughout their entire business environment.

Our story

Solving complex data challenges is in our DNA. Io-Tahoe was an internal innovation  created for a business need: to help unlock valuable data insights from more than 2 petabytes of customer data. Ready to extend our solution to more enterprises, we acquired the Rokitt Astra technology, adding a deep understanding of data and its complexities plus machine learning algorithmic analysis of data relationships, to increase the accuracy, intelligence and speed of data discovery dramatically.


Today, Io-Tahoe analyzes billions of terabytes of data with up to 90 percent accuracy (compared with 30 to 50 percent for our competitors). Io-Tahoe is unique in its ability to discover relationships across heterogenous databases. We always develop with the future in mind, meaning you can trust Io-Tahoe to continue solving new data challenges as your business evolves and grows

Our customers

Data discovery is the first step in drawing business value from corporate information, whether you want to increase revenue, reduce costs, gain operational efficiency, ensure effective data governance or meet regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the U.S.’s Dodd-Frank Act.

Our solutions are essential for anyone who uses data as part of their job, from the chief data officer, to the chief product officer, to the everyday business or IT user. We can help enterprises with a large number of customers and diverse data sets, including businesses in these industries:

Financial services

Energy & utilities






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The Senior UX/UI designer should exhibit a strong passion for building top-notch experiences and a set of well-rounded design and problem-solving skills.


Io-Tahoe is looking for a highly motivated, skilled and experienced Senior Java Developer to implement innovative solutions in the big data space.

Kiev, Bangalore
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Recent news

Rokitt Astra named a 2017 “Cool Vendor” in data management by Gartner

Vendors selected for the “Cool Vendors” report are innovative, impactful and intriguing Io-Tahoe LLC today announced that its Rokitt Astra technology has been selected by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in data management.

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Blog posts

One decade after the 2007 economic crisis, financial services firms are still grappling with the regulatory aftermath. Data governance is a critical practice for all corporations to ensure compliance with complex regulatory reforms. Regulators worldwide have imposed new rules and strengthened old ones. Enterprises that…

September 15, 2017

In today’s business climate, a complete 360-degree view of a firm’s data is a necessity to compete at the highest level. Total awareness and control of information enables business leaders to maximize revenue opportunities (think better customer profiling, cross-selling), lower costs (think customer service or…

June 14, 2017

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  Software Modernization   The need for businesses to drive competitive advantage and innovation through rapid, technology-driven transformation and software modernization has never been greater.  This imperative has moved the CTO role and enterprise IT from a supporting department to a critical C-level function.  Daniel…

April 06, 2017

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