Created by data science experts working on real business problems

Io-Tahoe was created by the Centrica Innovation Team, to solve British Gas’ dilemma of linking multiple diverse legacy systems to unlock valuable insights from 14 million customer accounts, approximately 2 petabytes of associated customer data.

The team has transformed the technology to deliver a faster and more effective service to customers.

Io-Tahoe has delivered impressive and measurable value in British Gas. Over 8,000 service engineers have the latest customer information taken from traditional customer billing systems - a direct benefit of the ability to access the data lake. The relationship discovery tool enabled a reduction in billing fault analysis time of over 300 billion individual data points from man weeks to hours, resulting in major cost reduction for customer operations.

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We’ve created the Io-Tahoe Business Solution e-brochure to illustrate how Io-Tahoe's smart tools can help unlock value from your data assets.

Io-Tahoe Business Solution e-brochure