Io-Tahoe named a Leader in the use

of AI for Data Management

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The Total Economic Impact™ of Io-Tahoe

Io-Tahoe customers can achieve a 523% three-year ROI

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Discover, search and

catalog your data

Smart data discovery - AI-driven catalog

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Drive insights from your data

with our Smart Data Discovery

and AI-Driven Catalog

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Our customers trust Io-Tahoe

to deliver the insights their

businesses need

Discover, search and catalog your data

Io-Tahoe’s Smart Data Discovery and AI-Driven Data Catalog solutions make it simple for organizations to automatically discover and search all their enterprise data. Our easy to use platform provides everyone with the ability to derive insights from their data.

Why Io-Tahoe?

Solve the challenge of data discovery with Io-Tahoe

Move away from manual processes – let Io-Tahoe automatically discover data relationships across the
enterprise. It is the foundation for success. We can help you become an insights-driven business.
You won’t be able to do it without us!

Discover and search all
your enterprise data

Automatically discover and search data relationships across the enterprise – the known, and even unknown ‘dark data’ for greater control and visibility of the data landscape.

Automate your data

Our advanced technology and machine learning algorithms allow organizations to quickly detect data relationships in structured,
semi-structured and some unstructured formats.

Analyze all the data –
more than the metadata

Trust your data and its insights by going beyond the metadata.
Io-Tahoe analyzes all the data rather than just the metadata, providing you with the absolute truth.

Work across a variety of data
sources – platform agnostic

Io-Tahoe enables organizations to discover and search data across a complex enterprise in a variety of data sources – relational data stores, data warehouses, data lakes and the cloud, helping organizations break down traditional silos.

CDOs create value for the organization, create more by leveraging the benefits of machine learning to process data

Watch these videos featuring Forrester’s Principal Analyst, Michele Goetz, to find out more.

The Potential Total Economic ImpactTM for Io-Tahoe customers

Three-year projected benefits


Financial Planning and Analysis professionals performing standard reporting and analysis duties


Data Architects building data relationships


Reduction in Reconciliation

Based on a commissioned study by

Customer success with Io-Tahoe

Don’t take our word for it! The world’s top enterprises trust Io-Tahoe to discover and catalog their data; to
deliver the insights their businesses need. Here are their stories.

Benefits of Io-Tahoe

Who needs Io-Tahoe

Chief Data Officer

  • Inventory your entire data landscape. Ensure true data-driven operation.

Chief Data Officer

Data Governance Team

  • Find and protect highly-sensitive data. Identify and streamline redundant data.

Data Governance Team

Data Protection Officer

  • Comply with regulations like GDPR, Dodd-Frank, Basel III and CCAR.

Data Protection Officer

Business User

  • Utilize a smart catalog to create, maintain and search business rules and define policies.

Business User

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